Wednesday, 12 November 2014


The other day our car supplier (who is very solicitous about his products) wrote to us to say that it was time our motor had its usual annual service, and an appointment had been made (if convenient). We therefore motored into Bury Saint Edmund's this morning to the garage. It was, as you can see a lovely sunny morning, with threatening clouds hovering in the West.  The garage (which has a very well equipped waiting room) supplied us with seats, and coffee, whilst the car was serviced, which took an hour.  When we'd paid the bill, a couple of the salesmen kept us talking about new , improved models (have an idea we'll soon be getting letters making offers that they hope we can't refuse- still we've had this car for three years come spring, so we'll see???). We set off back home, having decided to call in at Hollow Trees for lunch. A mile or so our side of Lavenham, there was the tail end of the storm we'd seen earlier, with rain, but the sun was shining under the clouds, so that it looked like rainbow weather (and it's been a lovely autumn for rainbows this year), and to our left we soon saw a magnificent single rainbow. The road was too busy to stop, so I asked Ann to pull into the next lane off to the left, which meant that we eventually pulled into Brent Eleigh, which lies nicely off the main road. By this time the rainbow had faded a good deal, but I eventually took the below two shots of it. The first was in the village, and the next one was just outside it. At its best it was a lovely fiery rainbow, but I'm afraid the photos just show the tail end of it.


Went, as planned, into Hollow Trees for lunch. We both had a large baked potato, Ann's with a tuna fish filling, mine with a turkey curry filling. Both very substantial.  As we left one of the waitresses told us that she was leaving - Fresh fields and Pastures New. She's a nice chatty girl (big eyed - always reminded me of a cheerful Bambi). Still it was nice that she'd told us, so we could thank her for past services (which were invariably quick and cheerful) and say our goodbyes.  Then home, and spent the rest of the day in the workshop (well, bar a quick post-prandial  zizz, I'm afraid).
          Wooden Hill time now - so Goodnight All.


Rog said...

Your waitress sounds like a little deer.
Rainbows are like ghosts and never appear properly on film

Crowbard said...

Lovely blue in your skies Mike. Love rainbows - not sure about 'FIERY' rainbows though, sounds more like the Scimitar of Shaitan than a celestial promise of better weather to follow....

I'm relieved that you can no longer fawn over your Bambi-eyed waitress... it couldn't have good for your blood-pressure.