Monday, 3 November 2014


This morning we motored over to Ely to have lunch, as per usual with Ann's brothers. I took the above photo about half a mile from Ely because it always seems to me that from this position it is difficult to believe that a CITY nestles at the foot of this Cathedral.  Drove down to the Waterside Antique Centre, where I purchased a rather nice piece of pewter.

Took the above photo of the Cathedral from outside the hostelry at which we usually lunch - the Old Fire Engine House.

Above is the snug in the Fire Engine house just after the fire had been lit. This is where we usually wait for everyone to arrive, and the staff serves us buckshee (meaning free, Lori; and from an Anglo/Indian word backsheesh used by beggars) coffee, until everyone has arrived and we're ready to order.

I'd ordered partridge casserole (pictured above) partly because I like partridge, and partly because I know that their partridge casserole consists of whole partridges, which are served whole bird per order. Which reminds me of one other peculiarity of this restaurant - towards the end of the main course the waitress will come in and ask if we'd like anything more - vegetables, meat, or whatever. Ann's brother David tested this a while ago. He'd had roast beef, and he asked for a little more when it was offered, and got three more solid slices! I'm not sure that this wasn't a challenge on the part of the staff, and to help David keep face I helped with the extra beef (Gosh, I've been a good brother-in-law to that young man!)  Don't know what they'd do if I asked for a little more partridge. I've never dared because I think that they'd probably oblige with another whole bird, and I'm not sure I'd be able to cope with that these days.  Having said which I'm being called up for supper (which I trust will be a light one).

P.s. Poached egg on toast - Perfect!

Goodnight Everyone.


Z said...

I'm very fond of Ely.

Crowbard said...

I'm very fond of poached eggs on toast.

Mike and Ann said...

Thank you, Zoe. Yes, so are we. It's a delightful tiny city!

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Crowbard. This was poached EGG (singular - one egg each on toast) so I'm afraid we couldn't conveniently ask you to join us. With the two of you, and the two of us that would have meant half an egg each, and once you've cut them in half, I wouldn't think you could poach them, could you?.
They'd have become what our children used to call 'grumbled eggs'.

Crowbard said...

Eggzactly Mike!

Crowbard said...

Can't grumble at that!

Mike and Ann said...

Only yolking. You can come and share our eggs any time.