Thursday, 6 November 2014


We had a good, busy day, yesterday, at the Long Melford Antique Fair. This morning Ann ran me into the town, dropped me off at the Library, and I continued on foot to the Bank. After various odd errands I walked home - the pretty way- taking photos en route. The above picture (left to right) shows our ancient Guildhall, the Deanery Tower, and Saint Mary's Church.

Above is a closer look at the Guildhall. We're not really sure when it was built, but I was once told by one of our architectural historians that it was standing on its present site in the year 1386.

The above photo was taken through the Guildhall garden hedge, and the now roofless building was once the Guildhall kitchen. The structure to the left of the picture was once a large fireplace where the cooking was done for the guildhall. By the time the hot dishes had been rushed into the guildhall, along the passages and up the stairs to the banquet hall, I wouldn't think anyone was in much danger of burning their lips on the hot food.

Then along the river, over Toppesfield Bridge (above) then up Tinker's Lane, and Home. Noticed several thoroughly unseasonable plants in flower this morning, including dog violets and poppies. Been a lovely year weather wise, and it's  trying hard to pretend it's still summer really.

Must do some work now towards stocking up for the December Long Melford  Antique Fair, although I've got two repaired and restored antique clocks to deliver and set up in the meantime. It's good to feel busy. I don't think retirement will ever suit me.


Rog said...

It all looks a bit like a Walt Disney film set!
I need to go and have a lie down after just READING this hive of activity.

Rog said...

Love the bridge pic. Looks like a pair of opera glasses

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Rog. Well, of course I've left out the worst parts; the sooty back to back Victorian terraces, the the tumble down industrial estates, the grey concrete, neglected, multi storey car parks; I've left all that out so as not to offend your delicate sensibilities, Rog.

No, really; I've only photographed what's here. We like it. Hope you do too. Walt Disney film set, e'Gad and forsooth!!!!!

Pat said...

It is a beautiful old bridge. You are surrounded by history.
I tend to ignore the grotty bits also.