Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Fairly busy day yesterday. Picked up Hilary in town and drove over to Layham, where we went to a coffee morning with friends.  After lunch Ann and I motored over to a village the far side of Stowmarket. As you can see patchy weather - sunshine and cloud, and with lovely autumn colours still.

The clock we were going to fix is one I sold to friend David about fifteen years ago. It is pictured below. It is a very pleasant country made clock. It was made in the north of England in about 1740. The really nice thing about the clock is its size. It stands an inch or so UNDER  six foot, and is nicely proportioned in that the dial is ten inches square, instead of the more usual foot square. The problem was that the clock rope had broken (which isn't surprising after fifteen years) but I found that it had broken at the splice, and as the rope was otherwise in good enough condition, I simply re-spliced it, which took about half an hour, which left nicely time for tea and cake with David, and an exchange of news.

It doesn't show on the photo but the silvered chapter ring is becoming a bit patchy and David would like it re-silvered . Wish he'd said; I'd have taken the necessary kit for the job and done it in situ. Still, as he  said - it gives us a good reason for going again (probably soon after Christmas). He's a good chap; was widowed about ten years ago, and seems to be coping extremely well on his own (bakes his own bread, etc. and the house is immaculate).   I think he was glad to sit and chat, though. Must be a fairly lonely life for a sociable bloke. It wouldn't suit me, and I hope I never have to put that to the test.

          Good Night All.

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Z said...

I hope you never do either, nor Ann. You'll both just have to live forever.