Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Took the above photo at about 7 o'clock in the morning on Sunday. Shows the playing field beyond our garden and car park,  from our back bedroom window, on a glorious  spring morning.

 Yesterday afternoon found the first aquilegia (Granny's Nightcap) in full flower in the garden.

Took it in to Ann, who picked some leaves and put it on the supper table. They are glorious flowers in all shapes, sizes, and colours. Should be some around now for a couple of months.

My computer tells me that 'support for this operating system has ended' and that my P.c. is now at risk. As my machine has been around now for about ten years (well parts of it have) I think it's probably time for a new one. Popped into a shop in Sudbury on Saturday, and the young lady in the shop recommended a 'laptop machine'. She offered me what sounded like a good deal, which included setting up the new machine, and a certain amount of maintenance.  I would be grateful for any suggestions or advice on the matter from my readers, most of whom know a good deal more about these matters than I do. My thanks in advance.


Crowbard said...

Hi Mike,
personally I find laptops to have 'fiddly' keyboards and cursor controls, fine for younger folk with agile and dexterous digits.
Big rule is 'TRY BEFORE YOU BUY'
If they don't want to take one out of the box set it up to allow you to feel the keyboard go somewhere that is prepared to give you hands-on experience. I wouldn't part with my PC tower, full-size mouse, keyboard and double page width screen for any lesser kit.
If you do go lap-top make sure you get the latest Memory Style, there have been big changes in solid-state memory as opposed to disc drives, so presumably local pooter-shops are trying to flog off old stock before anybody realises the advantages of solid-state memory.

Liz said...

Whilst I am no expert when it comes to computers and I also tend to prefer a desk top PC, there is a laptop in the house belonging to my husband and it does have its advantages. Providing your internet connection is via a wireless router, you can use your laptop anywhere in the house.

Crowbard's point about fiddly mouse control is a valid one (I hate the pad thingy on Sir B's laptop), but it is possible to buy a wireless mouse to use with a laptop. Having a play with some in a shop is a good idea though and be clear with sales people about exactly what you want to use it for. Definitely get whoever you buy it from to set it all up for you.

Rog said...

I have to utter a note of caution concerning Windows 8. It is utterly different from Windows XP, Vista or 7 with their familiar desktop as it is designed for touch screen tablets (and not very well). The good news is that you can, with a bit of fiddle, make it look like your old desktop but why Microsoft shot themselves in the foot by making this half-baked change we'll never know.
I'm available at the drop of a hat to assist, although you have a much younger chap nearby who assisted before don't you? The Bard of Crow appears to know what he is talking about as well - I agree with him about the use of laptops.

Mike and Ann said...

Dear Crowbard, Liz, and Rog, thank you all very much for your very sound advice (and also to Wendy Whitecat, who 'phoned me on the subject). I have taken aboard all the suggestions the four of you made, and particularly appreciated Rog's offer of help. I can see that I shall have to give the matter some more thought before doing anything much about the matter. I think perhaps I'll get in my usual consultee to see if there's any way my present collection of bits and pieces can be better protected.
Thanks again, and warm regards, Mike.

Crowbard said...

Hi Mike,
I've thought about the original message 'support for this operating system has ended' and that my P.c. is now at risk.
a.) This may be a 'spoof' e-mail!
b.) It would make sense to see which Op.Sys. is operating your pooter and check on the inter web to see if your OS is now 'unsupported' as claimed. If so there is no immediate need to be concerned as I don't ever recall you needing OS support from the manufacturer so yours is nicely 'run in' by now and unlikely to fail as ten years is more than adequate to show up any flaws in the code on your OS.
c.) It may be worthwhile simply to upgrade your operating sytem, to windows 7 rather than trialing the latest unproven version of windows 8 for the manufacturer.
d.)If you do want a new pooter then take your time and do your research and talk to other users of modern machines. If your library offers public access to computers it might be worth asking to see their IT manager and seeking his/her recommendations.

Margaret Brocklehurst said...

I have to say that personally if you use a PC as much as you do and you don't need it to be portable, I would say don't go for a laptop.

I had a laptop as part of my previous job for working from home and I found it seriously tedious typing on it. I did use a wireless mouse with it though as the 'pad' was very irritating. If you are only using it from home, avoid a laptop.

I personally would also avoid Microsoft windows as well. Windows 8 is awful, avoid it at all costs! I moved to an Apple a couple of years ago and wild horses would not drag me back to windows!

I agree with you though, please get the advice of your usual PC chappie as it is a minefield out there nowadays. I certainly would not look at getting a new PC without my personal I.T. expert by my side.

Sadly I don't think they do the wind up ones now, love your little sister x

Mike and Ann said...

If you're right about the wind up ones Maggie, I may as well throw the crank away (and don't worry, Crowbard, I'm not referring to you).

Mike and Ann said...

If you're right about the wind up ones Maggie, I may as well throw the crank away (and don't worry, Crowbard, I'm not referring to you).

Crowbard said...

'sOK Mike no need to rub it in! It was only slightly amusing the first time!

Crowbard said...

Ok, Ok it was quite amusing the first time!

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Crowbard. How many time need I repeat the jest before it is acknowledged as 'screamingly funny'?

Crowbard said...

Thanks Mike, that's exactly what I meant to say - no need to repeat it please, I'd die laughing!

Nea said...

I agree with all of the above, no need to fix something that isn't broken. I'd stick with what you've got for now.