Sunday, 13 April 2014


This afternoon, as it was a lovely day (see above photo) we decided to walk into town, and return a book to the library. This, wasn't altogether a good idea, as I forgot to take the book. However, we got a book out each, then purchased one of the 'surplus to requirements' books, so the walk  wasn't altogether wasted.  Decided to walk home by the river path. Just before we got to the bridge passed a piece of land which is being used as a poultry farm; one of the more impressive denizens of which was the bird below.

Crossed the river by the bridge below, which is said to be the oldest bridge in Suffolk still being used for its original purpose (that of taking road traffic over the River Brett). It was built, I'm told in the 1300s, and seems sound enough still, although it's been repaired a good deal over the centuries.

Stopped for a natter with friend Kevin (a keen scrabble player) and watched the below pair of swans building this year's nest. Last year they had seven offspring, of whom five survived, and one of whom  finally left his parents just after Christmas.

As we chatted we realised that the swans were indulging in some sort of pre mating ritual, so it seemed only polite to walk on, pretending to have noticed nothing, and leave them to it. I suppose that may have been where the expression 'necking' comes from ?   A very pleasant afternoon walk.


Z said...

The swans had a pleasant afternoon, too!

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Z. Yes, they gave every impression of doing so.