Friday, 4 April 2014


Above photo shows indoor flowers, which our good friend Cath (who is a professional flower arranger) brought to Ann on Wednesday at Long Melford.

The above and below photos are of different areas of our garden, which is beginning to look quite colourful.

The best thing that happened this week, apart from my new hearing aids on Monday, was that on Tuesday our friend David, who is a builder, came and did repairs to our roof (the damage occurred before Christmas in one of the freak storms that we had this winter).  David says that he is fairly happy that the roof is now waterproof, but doesn't want to repair the damaged ceiling in the side hall until we've had rain of the roof to make sure that he's repaired the damage. I hope he'll do the ceiling repairs soon, because I want to return my books to the bookshelves in the side hall - the front hall is still full of piles of books, which means I can't find any books I want, because the piles are in no sort of order, let alone their usual alphabetical order. Oh well - Tuesday was a good start. It's been a frustrating winter - having to make sure there are buckets under the places at risk whenever we went out.  

                                      Good night All.


Lori Skoog said...

We still don't have any flowers blooming, but today felt like spring. Your garden is lovely.

Mike and Ann said...

Thank you Lori. You're right - the gardens starting to look nice, and spring's definitely here!