Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Both the above photos are snapshots of Lewes Castle taken last week.

Today has been a busy (and a long) day. Up just after six to attend early service, then into town to pick up parcel - well two parcels in fact. Both snuff boxes bought on ebay, both quite nice ones. Then spent a couple of  hours in work shop repairing tinder box. Now in good working order (had to re- case harden fire steel, among other minor repairs. Then changed, motored   a couple of  miles to favourite farm shop, quick hot lunch (met several people there we know, including young Matthew my tailor, and his wife), back to town and to a house in the High Street, where we (the U3A Antique Collectors' s Club) were shown a collection of interesting clocks. The owner was aware of my job (?) and hoped  'our resident expert wouldn't be too harsh on him'. He soon relaxed when he found I wasn't going to correct him as he went along, and we were soon nattering like the  two fellow enthusiasts that we are.  His wife provided a very good tea that included scones with cream and jam, and conversation became general. Got home about four and spent the rest of the day in workshop. Ann has just 'phoned this afternoon's clock enthusiast's wife to ask them along to see our clocks and workshop and have a cuppa with us next week. A captive audience on one's own subject is always welcome.  Clocks are just striking nine, and it's beginning to feel like a long day- So -                           Good Night All.


Crowbard said...

I love Lewes Castle, Mike but I shan't be able to get up to it for a while (hope they install a lift soon!) There's something comfortable about high and thick stone walls with tunnelish passage-ways leading in. It must be the Hobbit genes we got from the Trower side of the family!

Mike and Ann said...

And don't forget the meaning of that surname : Trow - the truth.

Crowbard said...

Ain't that the truth! (I trow!)