Saturday, 4 January 2014


Sorry that I haven't blogged since Monday.  Been a busy week, and also a lovely week weather wise for January (see above photo). Did the Long Melford Antique Fair on Wednesday. Did very well. Only bought one item, but might well use that as a mystery object in a week or so. Sold  rather better that I'd expected though.  One thing rather spoiled the fair though, which was that at about midday, whilst  Kath and Derek  took over for us, we went back to the car to get an umbrella, intending to go for a walk, and Ann shut a finger in the car door. It looked a mess, so took her through to the kitchen, where Ros took down the First Aid kit, and she and I bandaged the finger. I wanted to run Ann up to Bury St. Edmund's Hospital to have the finger looked at, but Ann wouldn't wear it at any price. In fact the following morning I took Ann  along to the Highdale Surgery, where the on duty nurse agreed with Ann, rebandaged the finger, and said it was "going on nicely".  On the other hand (sorry for bad pun, Rog) it does rather explain why it's been such a busy week, in that it's meant that I've been doing the majority of the cooking, with Ann directing operations. She's a great deal better now though, and says it's amazing what you can get done with a plastic bag over the left hand, with a rubber band to keep it in situ.  My duties are  now reduced to peeling and preparing the vegetables, which Ann still finds difficult (I knows my place).

If Rog and Paff think the above (now much photographed) azalia looks vaguely familiar - they are right. It's looked lovely now for two months, and is still thriving.

                                     Good night All.


Zoe Sprake said...

Ann was just telling me about it on the phone - I felt quite queasy when I heard. At least it was her left hand. Hope she's fully recovered soon.

Paff Rine said...

So sorry to hear about Ann's finger. It sounds horrendous, not least because I know how active and involved Ann is with everything and how she would hate to feel unable to do something. Thanks for the plant update Mike. That must be thanks to Ann's green (and now blue) fingers!

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Zoe. I've just changed the dressing on it - we both thought it looked a bit better than we'd expected.

Thank you Paff. I've read your remark about the green/blue fingers to Ann. It made her laugh, which she needed (although it's not a bad description of her finger, at that).

Crowbard said...

Big Love to Annie's finger from both of us. Glad nothing was broken.

Mike and Ann said...

Thank you Crowbard and Jude. No, nothing was broken, although it looked a mess when it was done. Still, as Ann said, could have been a lot worse.

Liz said...

Ouch, poor Anne!

I trapped a finger in an office door once, years ago and I imagine a car door is much worse. It is amazing how much more difficult everything is without the use of just 1 finger.

I hope the poorly finger is properly better soon.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Liz. Yes, I think it's getting steadily better. In fact it must be - because tonight, for the first time since it happened Ann is insisting on cooking the supper!!!!
but I think I'd better nip upstairs to see if she wants any vegetables peeling - can't imagine peeling spuds single handed.