Saturday, 25 January 2014


Been a fairly busy day. Workshop this morning, mainly oddjobs. This afternoon Ann went shopping with friend Sue, and I went to Scrabble Club. Took car and picked up Julia and Rhona, fellow Club members who live on outskirts of town. Three good games. Played with Phylis, Hilary, and Kevin. Won the first game, mainly because I got out first, and Kevin had just draw the Z, which meant I got an extra six teen points from him all told, and still only won by four points. Kevin, who is the youngster of the Club (being only in his forties) won the next two games quite decisively. At the next table four ladies were playing, loudly and passionately. It sounded as if every point was being disputed. Two of the ladies are in their mid eighties, and the other two in their nineties. The games seem to do them a world of good, keeps them on their toes, although at times it sounded as if it might end up with 'handbags at dawn' for two of them.  Ran Julia and Rhona to their respective homes, then drove home myself.


Supper (above) consisted of salmon steak with crushed fennel seeds (we grow bronze fennel in our herb garden - it looks well as a tall plant at the back of the garden, and the seeds are good for flavouring fish), with creamed potatoes and stir fried vegetables (mainly red peppers and leeks). A lovely supper - subtle and flavoursome.   Followed by a fresh fruit salad with yoghourt.

Early night soon, I think.    Goodnight all.


Maggie said...

You supper looks very tasty and I love the way Annie has cut the salmon into a fish shape!

Mike and Ann said...

Hi Mag. Ann says she didn't do that deliberately, it's just an optical illusion (or, as I put it, an octopus illusion). Whatever, it was delicious!