Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Been away for a day or two to an auction sale.  On Monday we drove down to Sussex. Above photo shows us driving on  the bridge over the Thames at Dartford on the M25.

South Downs above, M23.

The High Street in Lewes. Little medieval building being held up by a modern building on the right, and a late Georgian building on the left.  Viewed the sale on Monday afternoon. Returned to the saleroom on Tuesday  to bid at  the sale.

During the lunch break I had a wander along the High Street and up to the castle, mainly built in the early 1300s, with earlier (and later) bits around it. Didn't go into the castle, but pottered around the lanes through the castle.

The Green shown below is exactly that - a bowling green, which it has been since 1640. Before that it was the Castle tilting yard.

Another shot of the Castle, then back to the Sale Room (Arms and Armour sale) where I was successful with nine of my bids. Three guns and seven swords, and if you think that adds up to more than nine lots, the answer is that there were two swords in one lot (see, I can add up - sometimes).  Paid and left the goodies at the Saleroom, as being safer than leaving them in the car or our room.   Called back at the saleroom just after nine this morning and picked up the goodies - not literally - the two most senior porters (bless 'em)  wrapped all the stuff up, then carried it to the car for us. Drove home 'the pretty way' via Tunbridge Wells.

 Having shown several shots of medieval architecture, above is one of twentieth century architecture, which I think is very graceful, well this bit is anyway. It's a bridge over the M25, travelling anti clockwise towards the Dartford Tunnel.  Got home just after mid day. As always it's good to be home, and we'd both enjoyed our trip.


Z said...

It looks like a lovely trip, and successful too. I'm quite envious - Russell rarely has wanted to go away except on business trips and then he's never taken me as he won't leave the house empty!

Rog said...

You are a pair of gaddabouts!

I love picture 5 with the light and figure coming through the arch.

Haven't been to Lewes since childhood (it was still under construction then!) so must make note to visit.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Rog. Lewes is well worth a visit. Must warn you though; there are now only three antique centres, which I combed, and bought a couple of bits. But as I know your tastes are rather more catholic than mine in these matters, I think you might do rather well there.

Crowbard said...

Hi Mike,
I suspected it was a Japanese tinder box about 1670. Research throws up the likelihood that it is a Netsuke Snaphance Tinder Lighter. They are generally housed in iron, and very occasionally housed in a rather plain brass shell. The embellishment of a brass case with the same applied floral motifs as the iron cased boxes suggests to me an extremely rare example (possibly unique made just for the work-shop master). I have learned of about 30 of these tinder lighters known to a specialist orientalist dealer-collector who did not appear to be aware of the armoured fabric carrying case you show here. Will e-mail pics. Please delay publishing this response if it is correct to give your avid readers a chance to work it out.

Mike and Ann said...

Hi Zoe. It was a lovely trip. It's always nice to be able to combine business with pleasure.