Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Walked into town this morning. Took the above photo along a lane about two hundred yards from home, nice country scene, but traces of autumnal colouring just beginning to show.

Just at the mouth of the same lane is the above house. This window is onto the lane, and another window onto our street. The two guardians  in the window usually bark at us (with their tales wagging) from one or other of the windows.

Pleasantly muted colours in a corner of the garden.  On Sunday (last Sunday that is) we had lunch (a superb one it was, too) with friends of ours, David and Alison,  in Bury Saint Edmund's. They are in the throes of downsizing, and, as a   result of this, I eventually  bought from David (who rebuilt one of our chimneys earlier this year) part of his pewter collection, which he is also having to downsize. It was mostly snuffboxes, measures and so on; but one or two bits were more unusual, and I think I'll use one of them as my next 'Mystery  Object' later in the week. Being called upstairs now for a very welcome cuppa.


Pat said...

Nice to still have some colour in the garden.
Apart from the fuchsia mine is mainly green.

Crowbard said...

That is a pretty corner of your garden, Mike. Lots of varied colour form and texture. the two little dogs are nicely framed in a charming photo - Well worth taking a squeaky toy next time your passing to take a few more snaps of them in action.

Mike and Ann said...

Thank you Pat. We've tried to make it an 'all year round' garden - well, as far as possible.
Thank you Crowbard. Don't need the squeaky toy though. They're usually there, and always pleased to see someone. Finally decided it might be acceptable to take a close up of a neighbour's window - very early in the morning so no one about to tut.