Monday, 30 September 2013


I want to go back to last Thursday's blog entry - 26th Sptember. Started off with a foggy morning with fog hung cobwebs all over the gate and car.  This was on Tuesday morning

At about 2 in the afternoon, a few miles from home, travelling west, we pulled in at a cottage garden that often has flowers for sale. I t had them last Tuesday, and we stopped and purchased a couple of bunches for Judy. The flowers are in buckets, buyers help themselves and put the required amount (£1 a bunch) in a jam jar with a slot cut in the lid.  On Thursday afternoon, on our way home, we stopped at the same cottage and bought (and paid for) two more bunches for Ann - and took photoes.

The thing that begins to puzzle me a bit are the notices on a board beside the flowers. These are changed regularly,  but invariably accuse someone of stealing the vendor's flowers! The one above is fairly bland, compared to others, some of which are quite vituperative. What puzzles me is whether the vendor is telling the truth, and someone is actually stealing the flowers (i.e. not putting money in the jamjar); whether the vendor has some sort of persecution complex that some one is stealing his flowers; or whether the vendor simply puts these notices up deliberately  to discourage any would be flower thieves, although I would have thought this might be counter-productive- in that that some of the notices are unpleasant enough to put off perfectly honest potential buyers.  I'd value my readers' thoughts on this one.


Z said...

I'd be rather put off, I have to say, which is a pity because they do look very good flowers. I think you get better results by appealing to someone's good nature - and if the notices keep going up, they're not deterring the thief, if he or she exists.

I love the picture of the spider webs.

Mike and Ann said...

Thank you Zoe. You put the matter very well.
P.s. You're right about the flowers, too. They are invariably good, fresh, flowers.