Saturday, 28 September 2013


Been a nice quiet day. This afternoon we motored over to Sudbury, partly because Ann needed to do a bit of shopping there, and partly because my tailor 'phoned me yesterday to say that  (a) a linen jacket he's been altering for me is ready for collection, (b) a tie I'd ordered was in, and (c) he'd got a couple of weskits (waistcoats Lori) he thought I'd like to have a look at. He's a good chap, young Matthew; I knew his grandfather a good many years ago, so off we went. We noticed that autumn colouring is increasing  (vide above photograph).

Above photo is of a very handsome, early house, in the village of Newton Green. I think the part projecting from the front, centre, of the building is perhaps rather later than the rest of the building, but it makes for a very harmonious whole.  Got to Matthew's shop - pleased with the jacket, bought the tie (a red, paisley pattern, bow), also bought the two weskits, one yellow, one green. I've an old green, moleskin weskit that I've spent the last three or five winters wearing, and Ann says it really isn't quite respectable now, so she was pleased to hear about the new one. Also bought (hope my lady readers will forgive my mentioning so delicate a matter) a pair of braces. I've said that young Matthew  is a good chap - should  mention here that he's also a good salesman.  Still, he also sells pretty good clobber, and is very obliging.  Walked  round to Waitrose's Store where Ann had been shopping, helped her load car, we drove home, and I spent the rest of the afternoon tidying my workshop.  Just being summoned upstairs for supper.


Z said...

It seems to me that the leaves have changed colour this week. When I was driving home on Tuesday, I observed that there wasn't much difference, but today there was.

A good clothes-buying spree - when you're in the mood and find stuff you like, best to act on it. It won't be there when you really need it.

Mike and Ann said...

I remember telling my girls something like that when they were in their teens. The advice went "If you find a garment you really like, and it suits you, and you can afford it - buy it then. If you wait till you really need something, and go out looking for it - you won't find it".
I think I told our son (our youngest child) the same, when he, too, went onto a clothing allowance instead of pocket money.

Crowbard said...

Jude usually gets stuck between choosing item a) or item b) she knows the only response I can escape with is 'take them both, Dear.' It saves me time and petrol in the long run.