Thursday, 16 August 2012


Left to right :- The Sage, Zoe, and Ann, taking tea in the garden; and before anyone comments that they've somehow got into the wrong blog let me explain. A couple of days ago Zoe told us that they were coming to a funeral 'in our neck of the woods', and as we were going to the same funeral Ann rang Zoe back to explain about the parking problems in our town centre, and to invite them to use our spare parking space. So, after the service, and after tea in the Guildhall Garden, we adjourned to our garden for yet more tea, which was when I took the above snapshot.  So you see, all now clear, and it's not Ebay getting in a muddle again.

 I must now whizz upstairs and get out of my properly subfusc funereal clobber (remember Lori - clobber= clothing), as we're going out this evening to the Theatre in the Forest - King Lear this year.

More later, if I'm still awake when we get back.


Z said...

It was lovely to see you and thanks very much for your hospitality.

Unknown said...

Our pleasure Z. Shame it was at a funeral, but it seems to be increasingly frequent that we meet old friends and relations at funerals - especially family ones, which, of course, this one wasn't. But that's our own fault; we should make more effort to keep up with old friends and older family members, I suppose.
Still, whenever you're this way do come and see us; we enjoyed your visit.

ruma said...

Hello, Mike and Ann.

  Sharing a moment of peace.
  It is a joy for all.

  Thank you for the warmth of your heart.
  The prayer for all peace.

Have a good weekend. From Japan, ruma❃

Pat said...

A lovely end to a sad day.

Crowbard said...

Hello Ruma,

Farewells bring sorrow and peace
shared now with unknown friends.

Comfort from your winter distance
Heals our summer losses.

All kindly blessings,