Wednesday, 22 March 2017


We took these  two photographs  on Monday morning  before setting off for Ely. This morning I'm in the middle of a  pig of a  job  I'm doing  for a neighbour on  his rather nice long case clock. It looks and sounds easy enough - the  hand beating seconds and its  arbour has come apart. Sounds easy BUT.... it has been mended (soft soldered) twice already, so I am fast coming to the conclusion that the easier way to do  the job might well  be to make a complete new arbour  for the  seconds  hand to ride on.  Whilst making up my mind about the job I've knocked  off for a few minutes to do a quick blog entry whilst I calm down and make my mind up.  Back to the workbench now - I'll report back on progress re the clock later today.

P.s. before anyone else reminds me - yes, I know I'm  supposed  to be retired, but it's  a neighbour, asking  me to do a  simple  little  job (tee- hee).


Rog said...

Tip Top Weskitt my man!

Mike said...

Thank you Rog.

Ref the clock
part, it was quicker and better in the end to make a new arbour for the seconds hand.