Friday, 24 March 2017


Above photo shows back of  our home  after I've got out and  re-erected last year's  bamboo  trellis work. Plan to train up it this years sweet peas and Morning Glory, both of  which put out a very good display  last year.

On the way home earlier this week we stopped and took above photo in village a few miles  from  here. It shows daffs  on the village  green, surrounding  what's left of  the village pump (I think).

P.s. Note the two Tudor brick chimneys at top of first photo.


Crowbard said...

Hi Mike, your Tudor chimneys remind me that the Tudors were originally welsh and their name, Twdwr was originally Tw Dwr which means water tower. How serendipitous then is your association of it with a picture of towering chimneys and a water source? Or were you making a deliberate association?

Mike said...

Pure chance, I had no idea what 'Tudor' meant.

Z said...

Crowbard, you know all sorts of things! I had no idea either.

Crowbard said...

I would not charge you lightly with such sophistry Mike, for I know it would embarrass you to be revealed as an academic genius, devising puzzles none but you could answer. Please forgive my suspicions.
(Due in no small way to your word-skills, abstruse specialisms in horology and antiquities and to the deep, effortless and devious cunning in which you take such Machiavellian pleasure. I must flick through 'Il Principe' again and see if Niccolo was up to your standards.)

Mike said...

Would all my other readers kindly ignore above tosh, and give no credence to associated taradiddle. Crowbard is I fear, tugging your (and my) nether limbs.

Crowbard said...

Bless you Z, I have a few meagre research skills and a catholic interest in just about everything; I used to know an awful lot more than I can presently recall ~ the little grey cells have become microscopic.
Mike, I unreservedly apologise for any sensation of distress you may have experienced at the hip joints. ( I will try to remember not to repeat this traditional responsibility of a younger brother ~ but there are few such pleasures left....)