Monday, 6 March 2017


The three  photographs shown here are all  of  old parts of  Wells  next the sea taken the week before last, and all show windows onto the street which have obviously been built as  shop windows, and are now  windows in the fronts of domestic residences (homes). They are all of  late eighteenth century through to early/mid nineteenth century appearance. This would  appear to indicate that Wells next the sea was (at the  period mentioned) a much busier market town than it is now. A small fishing   village would be a more apt description of the town now.


This last weekend we drove down to Hampshire to attend a meeting of  the  Early Metalware Society. We stopped over on Saturday and Sunday nights  at youngest daughter, Liz's  home; slept  there, and drove home this morning.  Good, informative (and rather tiring) weekend.


Crowbard said...

Were you addressing the Society Mike? If so, with what little kikshaws did you entertain them?

Mike said...

Only a couple of times, and both were comments (or contributions of knowledge) regarding other members' items.

Crowbard said...

I note your parenthetic comment Mike. Make sure you catch up on the Zzzzzs and stretch the postprandial nap from 10 minutes to at least 90 minutes. I don't want you getting bags under those flashing dark eyes. If you can sleep whilst balancing a couple of slices of cucumber on the closed eyelids it would provide you a small snack to nibble should you awaken due to hunger.