Thursday, 10 September 2015


                                          Mystery Object

This week's mystery object is a fraction over three inches long overall and is made of several exotic hardwoods.   Can you give your opinion on what the purpose of this object is, and when and where was it made.


Rog said...

It's a small rebate plane, possibly Italian, possibly 17th Century. Would have been knocking our Stradivariuses etc.

Crowbard said...

I fear Mike is attempting to bamboozle us with wood chippings Rog. I suspect it is a table snuff-box in the shape of a blocking plane. Possibly two compartments for various qualities of snuff.
Lovely timbers, Mike. If it were a plane (and I'm certain it's not) it would be a draw-plane, the wedge is at the wrong angle to be a push-plane.

Crowbard said...

1920s Scandinavian home-crafted cigarette box, card-box, mouse-trap or conjuring trick box???
The whitish residue around the wedge/handle/thingy bother me ~ Intrigued and mystified at present.

Mike and Ann said...

See next blog entry, Saturday 12th September, for the correct answer.