Wednesday, 9 September 2015


This morning we motored across to Wisbech, to hand the books in to our accountant, Elizabeth, who, over the last few decades has become a personal friend. Spent half an hour or so catching up on all the gossip, then on to a pub just outside Wisbech where we met old school friend Roy, his wife Janet, and family friend Phoebe. Lingered over lunch there, then eventually on to Phoebe's home, where we all  had tea.

Party finally  broke up about five, Phoebe presented us with several pounds of home grown raspberries, for Ann to make into Raspberry vinegar, which Phoebe still makes, according to a recipe of Ann's Mother's, and also a bag of  runner beans. Arrived home about seven.

Should have said that all the photographs today were taken on the outward journey in Thetford Chase, just the far side of Brandon. They are all part of an avenue of hornbeams. The one photographed above is Ann's favourite tree - a huge, old, hornbeam.


Good Night All.


Pat said...

I'm pondering on raspberry vinegar and wonder if you pour it on ice cream -as we did when we were children? Whatever I'm sure it's scrummy.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Pat. Someone else said it's lovely over vanilla ice cream. Will try it when made. My late grandmother used to pour it over what she called 'white pudding', which was a cylinder of pudding cooked in a cloth, but the raspberry vinegar made it special.

P.s. I think it was Z. who had it with ice cream. Must try it.