Saturday, 12 September 2015


This is the answer to this week's Mystery Object, shown in the previous blog entry. Rog states what the object appears to be. Crowbard states what the object actually is, i.e. a snuff box.  It was made somewhere towards the end of the eighteenth century, in England, and probably by a cabinet maker who would have used such a plane daily, and decided to make himself a snuffbox along the same lines. To open the box, the 'horn' has to be pulled upwards to remove it, and then the lid is slid forward to expose the snuff. It is an attractive little box, and was part of the Belinda Gentle Collection, until it was auctioned on 14th September, 2005 by Dreweatt Neate.

P.s. Rog - when an antique dealer (or an Antiquarian Horologist) shows you an object and asks you to guess its purpose, it is always as well to give your genuine opinion on the object - but it is also as well to add "But, of course it might well be a snuff box."      This will make your answer the correct one  about sixty five per cent of the time.

Regards, Mike.


Crowbard said...

I like the way the handle dovetails into the lid, Mike.

Rog said...


Tim said...

So - I should be making myself a snuffbox in the shape of a dishwasher? (And then taking up snuff, of course.)

Mike and Ann said...

Tim - an idea not to be sniffed at!!!