Tuesday, 17 March 2015


Yesterday (Monday) youngest daughter, Lizzie, and her son Matthew, turned up just before midday to spend  the day, slept here overnight,  and spent most of today with us. For lunch Ann gave us roast chicken, and I opened a bottle of  Piesporter to go with it. The ladies had a glass apiece, but although they said how nice it was - couldn't be tempted to more.

For our evening meal we had a salad and left overs meal (very good it was, too - I do enjoy foraging for left overs). Grandson Matthew and I finished the Piesporter between us (we'd left a glassful apiece from lunch).

After supper we played two four handed games of Scrabble. I won the first game and Ann the second. Both youngsters said they were thoroughly out of practice, as they only play the game when visiting us. They both played well though, and made us exert ourselves to win.

Early this afternoon the four of us went for a walk into the town, as we all had bits of shopping to do. Lizzie was intrigued to find a 'junk shop' had opened in the town centre since her last visit. I told her I didn't think she'd find anything worthwhile there, but she DID! -  the above photographed wall cupboard. She haggled a bit, just to be polite, but eventually bore it off in triumph. As it needed a bit of tidying up doing, she left the item with us for me to carry out the necessary minor surgery (which I've mostly now done - glue drying as I write). Liz wanted the cupboard to keep part of her collection of odd bits of early porcelain  ( I think they'll look well therein).  They left for London early this afternoon.

Ann's just gone upstairs to bed, where I must now join her - Good Night All.


Crowbard said...

Lovely little find - Well spotted Liz.

Crowbard said...

Nice to see young Matthew looking so chipper and dapper (in a modern style).
I wonder what the buzz-word for 'dapper' is? 'Nouvelle habilé', peut-être?