Thursday, 12 March 2015


This afternoon we motored over to Sudbury as Ann wanted to do our fortnightly (more or less) big shop at Sudbury's Waitrose.  On our way we decided to make a detour through the village of Boxford. The above photo shows Boxford's main street. The cream building on the left, and the white building on the right are both ancient inns, which shows, I think that in the past this must have been  a busy market town.

On the oposite side of the road is a large handsome house. The red car to the right of the photo, by the way, is our new car.

Almost opposite to where we'd parked is an antique shop which is the real reason for our visit to Boxford. It was  opened last Saturday by our friend Hellen, who is an antique dealer of long standing. Given the way that antique shops have been closing down over the past ten years, I find it very reassuring that a dealer of Hellen's long experience should consider it worthwhile to go against the trend and OPEN an antique shop in the middle of a village. From the 1960s onwards most reasonably large  villages boasted one or two antique shops, so that a day spent motoring round half a dozen or so villages and small towns was almost certain to yield treasure trove.   Oh well - happy days; and, as I say, I find it cheering that, perhaps antique dealers are beginning to find shops worth opening again. I do wish Hellen good luck with  her venture, and hope that she is starting a new trend in real antique shops.

The above photo was taken from outside the new shop's doorway, and shows the almost entirely medieval main street leading up to the church, which is itself well worth a visit.

I should have said that Hellen specialises in small, pretty ANTIQUES!! (which means :- NO JUNK! ) She  is also trying to build up a stock of early furniture on which to display her smaller pieces of stock .

I think the new antique shop will add to the attraction of this very pretty village.  Should have said that Hellen's shop will be open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.


stigofthedump said...

You really do live in a lovel part of the world!
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY grannie Annie x x x x x x x

stigofthedump said...

You really do live in a lovely part of the world!
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY grannie Annie x x x x x x x

Mike and Ann said...

We like it, Sal. Mama says 'thank you'. Oh, and thank you for your help in finishing of the Telegraph crossword.

Our love to all, darling.