Tuesday, 10 March 2015


Ann was working in the garden this afternoon and showed me the above double hellebore. Can't say I remember seeing it before, so perhaps it's something new. Must check.

Above and below are two more photos of hellebore. Beautifully marked flowers (inside).

Usual snapshots of 'corners of the garden'.

A nicely marked Auricular, which was rather a favourite flower of Victorian days, and I can see why.

Been busy this week - bought a new car, well it's  another Honda Jazz (our fourth in a row -over the last ten years).

Ann went up to bed about ten minutes ago, so it's apples and pears time (cockney rhyming slang, Lori :- 'apples and pears, up the stairs') for me, too---- so, Goodnight All.


Rog said...

You're Spring flowering Jazz men!

Mike and Ann said...

Good one, Rog!!