Wednesday, 8 October 2014


 Been a Wednesday today, and we never seem to be able to strike a balance on a Wednesday. So much so that the body seems to take over a bit- happened this morning - woke at 6.15 a.m., and I do mean really woke, not just drifting close to the surface of awareness, but became completely conscious, and aware that there was something I ought to do. When I concentrated I found that the 'something' was to get up, dressed and ready for this morning's early service, to which we both eventually went (at 7.30 a.m).  All the photos, by the way, were taken pip emma (that is, this afternoon). We were back in town by eleven, as we'd arranged to meet friends John and Margaret at the Orangery for coffee, which we had to linger over, as, mid way through coffee there was a very heavy downpour. Had a word with the waitress who said that they weren't busy this morning, so to linger as long as we wanted over coffee, which we did. We tend to meet up at the Long Melford Antique Fair, which never leaves us much time to socialise. John is that rare and unnatural creature, a RETIRED antique dealer. It has been well said that antique dealers never retire, but just become steadily more in keeping with their wares. However, John has officially retired, although he does occasionally buy bits to improve his collection.  When the rain had stopped, home to lunch, then back to the surgery where Ann had a hearing test, and I had a check up. Then to postal sorting office, who had a parcel for me (business - EBay). Then decided that a quick visit to our favourite farm shop was in order (see below photo),  followed by a cuppa in the canteen thereof.  On the way there took the first photo showing, after the rain, and, using the Norfolk tongue, "a whully slubby Suffolk lane".

Detoured, on the way home,  and in order to take a few more pictures, via Kersey. I know I've taken you there before, but it's impossible to take tooooo many pictures of the place.
Above is an early (circa 1490) just  pre Tudor, brick building.
Above is another picture of the same building, with the ford across the village street in the background.
The above house is a favourite of Ann's. For some years past it has been in the possession of its one inhabitant, a very elderly man, who eventually died about four or five years ago. By that time the place was in a fairly derelict state, and was sold immediately to people who have been doing it up ever since. I think it will take a long time, but they will eventually have a very lovely home in a delightful village. I'll take the occasional photo of it, so, in the meantime, watch this space!


Pat said...

You do fit a lot in one day:)

Mike and Ann said...

Thank you Pat.