Sunday, 5 October 2014


 Been a busy week. In fact it's been so busy that I've forgotten most of it!  Except that we went to the Long Melford Antique Fair on Wednesday. I think we'll forget the rest of the week and start at today. Went to Aldham Church this morning - read the New Testament Lesson. I usually get the Old Testament lesson, which I can, and do,  usually let rip on. Got home just after midday, and found that Saturday's rain storm had

snapped off some of our late roses. Brought the above ones in for Ann. Roses still looking quite well, and a good many of them are bearing buds still.
This afternoon we went to friend Terry's cottage (pictured above) for tea. Good to see her.
After tea Terry told me that my last visit - to try and sort out the problems besetting her french mantle clock- had been successful, and the clock had been running well since then. She then wished me many happy returns of the 25th September, and presented me with the below cast iron chimney ornament of King George the Fourth (pictured below I hope, although I fear the photographic recovery department of this machine is playing hard to get again). We'll see when I throw the 'publish' lever of this device. Here goes :-


Crowbard said...

The dew drops on the roses and the shimmer on your polished oak table make this a near perfect photograph Mike.
I would have preferred a little more contrast in the darker areas while you seem to prefer the 'Old Masters' style. A joy to behold either way.

Mike and Ann said...

Why thankee kind Sir sibling. I do like roses. This was a 'garage forecourt' rosebush that were all the rage a few years ago, that someone gave Ann. We put it in the garden when it had done flowering indoors (together with three or four others of the same ilk - or lack of ilk) and I think they've all taken, and made nice little border plants.