Thursday, 25 September 2014


As today is my birthday we decided to go out to lunch, and chose one of the few local hostelries whose goodies we have not yet sampled : -

Hintlesham Hall, above. Looks pretty good at a distance, doesn't it? Immaculate, you might say.

Looks pretty good, too, in close up.   The lunch was, generally speaking, excellent. Well, the first two courses were, anyway. We've often noticed that pub meals seem to fall down on their puddings (that sounds slightly rude, but I'm sure that you'll know what I mean). In this case it wasn't the country pub meal that fell down on the sweet course, but a very well known local Country House Hotel. However coffee served in the lounge came in a cafetier, and was excellent.

Having said a bit back how immaculate the front of the building looked, I took a walk round the back of the building, and photographed some of the top floor (which really does need a bit of money spending on it).  However, I would guess that in the past these were servants' quarters, and are probably now staff bedrooms?  Not much changes, does it?

Earlier in the week we received an invitation to go to tea at three o'clock today, from our ninety year old friend Sylvia, which we accepted gladly. Yesterday evening we got a 'phone call from a mutual friend to say that Sylvia had been rushed into hospital, and to cancel the tea appointment. This afternoon we got home just after three o'clock to hear the 'phone ringing. It was Sylvia to say that yes, she had been rushed into hospital yesterday, but that she had jolly well rushed off out again at the earliest opportunity, and that tea was ready on the table waiting for us. This time it was our turn to rush off out, which we did, and had an excellent tea with Sylvia (and the mutual friend Sue, who'd popped in to see that Sylvia was up to this hectic social life). Before we left I did running repairs on Sylvia's Vienna Regulator clock, which, being German, sulks occasionally- and sorted it out for her. It's been a lovely day - who could ask for more from a birthday?......which hasn't ended yet.



Nea said...

Wishing you many more Happy Returns of your 26th Birthday. Love pooh. XxxX

Liz said...

Belated birthday wishes Mike.

Your friend Sylvia sounds like a top bird.

Mike and Ann said...

Thank you Ruth, Oh Keeper of the Paternal Age.

Mike and Ann said...

Hi Liz, yes she is. She is also the same Sylvia who, a year or two ago, fell down in her garden and busted a hip. She looked round her and found that there were a good many weeds in the garden path where she was lying, and,as she couldn't get up, decided to do a little weeding while she waited for someone to come and help her. A neighbor eventually came to her aid, by which time she'd cleared a large area of weeds. She hates wasting time, she said.

Z said...

I missed your birthday! Many happy returns, Mike.

Mike and Ann said...

Thank you Zoe.