Monday, 8 September 2014


This last week has been a very busy one, one way and another, and I have not had time to blog. However, on Saturday evening we relaxed and had friends in for supper. On these occasions Ann cooks, I sort out wines, drinks generally, hoover through, and then lay the table. Above photo shows table laid and ready.

 The above photo shows same table an hour or so later when we're lingering over cheese, port and coffee. It shows (left to right) Ann, Christian, Claire, Bryan and Rose. I like the modern habit of the ladies staying with us for at least a glass of port apiece.

Following morning, Sunday,  the weather was distinctly colder, so we dressed for the weather and took photos of each other in the garden. As you can see from the below photy, I considered that Sunday was the first day of distinctly 'weskit weather' so I'd dressed accordingly for morning service at Aldham Church at eleven a.m.    John Smith took the service, and concluded  the sermon by telling us of the man who sold his vacuum cleaner because it was only gathering dust !!!!!!!!!!


Today was Ann's 'sibling day' and we motored over to Ely and had our usual excellent lunch at the Fire Engine House.   Ann's just gone up to bed, so I'd better join her.

                                                           Goodnight All.



Z said...

And yet today, it was so warm that my guest and I ate lunch in the garden. I was caught out and had cooked braised beef, quite unseasonal.

I expect that Roger will be wearing shorts for at least another month. Possibly a weskit too, though.

Rog said...

No pic of you gents having a cigar and a chortle in the billiards room then?
Vacuum cleaner hadn't gathered as much dust as that joke ;-)

Pat said...

Very elegant. Both:)

Crowbard said...

Cheers Rog,
you reminded me of the bloke who sold his vacuum cleaner because it was only gathering dust!

Liz said...

I am partial to a small glass of port myself. We have a tradition in my family (which I think I started about 15 years ago) of serving port after Christmas dinner. I like the taste of port but it does tend to make me feel as though my spine is melting!

Rog said...

Master Crowbard - I must ask you to stay behind in class and write "I must read the full post before commenting" 150 times.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Z. It was quite nippy here on Sunday morning. Can't imagine eating in the garden, but glad you were able to.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Rog. I'm an antique dealer, and the gentleman I mentioned is at least ten years older than I, so (between us) you must expect fairly antiquated jokes.

The oldest joke I know is credited to King Phillip of Macedon (Alexander the Great's father):-

Royal Barber "How does your Majesty like his hair cut?"

King Philip "In silence".

Court (this bit's mine) - sniggers uncontrollably, but as near to 'in silence' as is possible.

Mike and Ann said...

Thank you, Pat.

Crowbard said...

Bless you Squire Rog,
I did indeed read the full blog and it indicates my memory is improving; many decades ago my distinguished elder brother went to a school eleven miles from our village some 2 years before I joined him there. At school he was exposed to many merry japes and jests which had not been heard of in our isolated village. He shared them with me repeatedly; to the point where I trained myself to forget a joke from him immediately after I had finished chortling over it, so that it would be less boring after many repetitions. My previous comment was to let him know I have finally overcome this ancient memory inhibitor to the point where I can recall one of his antique quips after a recent reading of it. I also thought your comment wittily apposite, so addressed my comment to you to spare my respected senior brother a direct reminder of those miserably distant days.