Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Once again - been a busy day. Got up early for 7.30 a.m service. Stayed and had a bite of breakfast (eleven people present). Later in the morning motored over to Manningtree, where we were due to meet a nephew- in- law off a train at midday to discuss...... family business. As he is a vegetarian, popped into town first to check the eating houses. Talked to the new landlord of the Crown Inn, who told us that he catered for vegetarians with a range of  four vegetarian main dishes. This seemed to give a  reasonable choice so nipped back out to the Railway Station and met Liam off the mid-day train. Back to the Crown which is a big, old fashioned country Inn. Manningtree is a small, narrow town on the south bank of the river Stour. Talked business over  a decentish lunch. We all three of us would have appeared, to a casual observer,  to have chosen the same dish (toad in the hole) but Liam's  had vegetarian sausages in it. I think we all enjoyed lunch. After lunch we ran Liam back to the station (trains run from Manningtree to London every half hour - the downside of this was that a recording of a lugubrious sounding lady kept announcing over the Tannoy that the eleven thirty train from Liverpool street was getting steadily later. It was now, she sighed, eighty four minutes late. She sounded as if she suspected that highwaymen had kidnapped it, and despaired of its ever being heard of again). I'm afraid we abandoned Liam to the mercies of our railway system (he seemed to have perfect confidence that he'd get back to London) and decided we were going to have a walk along the bank of the Stour, where we took today's two photographs.

Got home about four o'clock, had a quick zizz, changed into work clobber, and have been pottering about in the workshop ever since.

Good Night All.


Crowbard said...

Your boundless energies amaze me Mike!

Rog said...

Yes Crowbard! He makes the rest of us look like lightweights