Saturday, 9 August 2014


Been a good, busy day. This morning met up with four friends (Hilary, Ruth, Gloria and John) at our favourite farm shop for breakfast at 9a.m., which went on till just after eleven (lots of news to catch up on). It's becoming a very popular meeting place in our area - at least partly because the staff never try and hurry people!

Ann and I then went on to the Queen's head in a nearby village to a Birthday party being held by friends of ours, Barbara and Jim. It was Barbara's 65th birthday. Met a good many people we know, and a few new ones. We both thoroughly enjoyed the party.

Then home to put the finishing touches to a repair I did yesterday. It is a very large dial clock, the actual dial being eighteen inches in diameter. It's nice to think that later today it will be back in the building it's inhabited since it was made in about 1830 -40. It's very satisfying bringing a dead clock back to life, especially when the cause of the problem isn't too obvious. Had to strip the clock right down before I could see why it wasn't running. Got to go and arrange its re -instalment now.

P.s. Should have said the top two pictures are of corners of our garden. The middle picture shows, behind the urn, the fig tree I put in a couple of years ago. Today we picked this year's  first ripe figs from it. They were delicious!


Liz said...

I wish my garden was as tidy as yours. It's a jungle out there.

Pat said...

What a gay life you lead. Two parties in one day and such an early start:)