Tuesday, 22 July 2014


 Above is the house we usually stay at in this area of Denmark. It is a very well run Guest House owned by a pair of semi-retired farmers, Elsa and John. The door on the left of the picture opens onto our room and bathroom. Elsa half wants to retire, but loves her home and knows that if she retired she couldn't afford to stay there, so soldiers on.

The following morning we drove on to try and find Ruth's new  (holiday) home on (or rather -near) the South coast of Sweden. We had to stop and take snapshots of the Trolle Lungby Slott (above).

 Above is one of Ruth's two new homes, which occupy a site of almost an acre. They look similar and both look rather like dolls' houses.

 Speaking of which, here is a real doll's house, the last one of four in Ann's collection of dolls' houses. We bought it with us in the back of the car ( under a blanket) for Ruth's girls; they have always loved it..

We took a walk along a river bank near the cottages. Above shows Tuva, Freja, Ruth, Ann, and Nipa.

During the walk Freja found and caught the above photographed frog. There is a good deal of fauna to be seen in the area, which the girls have been quizzing me about. In fact, earlier in the day they'd seen, what can only have been a slow worm from their description.

Think I must knock off now. More - probably tomorrow I think.
Good night Everyone.


Crowbard said...

Lovely to see Ann with Ruth and Ruth's baby daughters all looking so well. So pleased they are developing their property portfolio. It's always handy to have a spare stuga or 3 to rent out.

Pat said...

Lovely to see the photos of Ruth and her family.