Tuesday, 22 July 2014


A fortnight or so ago we set out for Harwich (the Esbjerg Ferry Terminal) to sail to Denmark. On the dock we passed the above mobile home with a father/son team at the wheel.

Once aboard I took a quick snapshot of our cabin with Ann admiring the view.

Took much the same sort of shot, with Ann unpacking, and meself reflecting near the window.

The following day after an excellent on-board breakfast, took the above shot, again from our cabin window. We are nearing Denmark with the sea full of wind generators - Don't know how the Danish can make these things pay, and we (reportedly) can't.

About a mile out from Esbjerg realised that the sandbank we were passing was full of seals (common and grey seals I think) sunning themselves on a passing sandbank (as Wodehouse might well have put it).

By late afternoon we had motored as far as Kerteminde, which is a lovely little harbour town, with, as it happened a recently opened fish buffet bar, where we ate. Then on to a Danish village antique shop where I usually seem to find goodies - this year was no exception.---- Thought I'd got another photo held in reserve, but perhaps not - or perhaps the machine is displaying its usual reluctance about allowing me  my picture ration.

Back in a minute - but no guarantees these days. Anyway - some success so far.

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Crowbard said...

It's nice to see the young taking their driving lessons so seriously!
Lovely pics, Mike.