Thursday, 31 July 2014


This is probably the last entry regarding this year's Scandinavian trip. The day before we left Sweden for Denmark Freja announced that she'd been looking at the map and had a request to make of her parents.  She explained that the area where we planned to spend  our last night in Sweden was very near to the longest beach in Sweden, So could they drive down there with us, so that we could all spend the afternoon on this very long beach (several miles long).  Her parents were agreeable (as were her grandparents) so the following day we had an early lunch and set off in two cars. We arrived at the beach, above, and found that despite it being a gloriously sunny day, the beach was not (by our standards) at all crowded.

The girls ran into the sea, which Ruth afterwards reported was the warmest she'd ever known the sea to be.

There was a strong on-shore breeze blowing, so the three ladies waded out until every wave lifted them off their feet.  A very good time was obviously being had by all. When they eventually returned to the shore, Ann and I said our goodbyes, and drove back  to our hotel.

The following morning we began our homeward journey  (the reverse of the outward one) and eventually got home a fortnight ago last Sunday. My apologies for the broken and 'bitty' nature of this journal. I'm beginning to get the hang of this thing ( I hope) but the machine has been playing up quite badly.
Will persevere and, hopefully, normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.


Lori Skoog said...

Mike and Ann...Another sweet trip. I love the long beach. The girls sure have grown up!

Liz said...

That looks fab.

Mike and Ann said...

Thanks Liz. It's a lovely country, Sweden. Lakes, forests, and dramatic scenery in the North; and (certainly this year) very civilised summers in the South.

Mike and Ann said...

P.s. Although I can remember summers when we have been swimming in the lakes a long way north of Ronneby.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Lori. Yes, it was a lovely trip, and yes, the girls really are growing up. Freja is fourteen, and Tuva is nearly seventeen; and they are BOTH taller than I am!!!!