Monday, 8 July 2013


As you can see Ruth and the girls are staying for a very short time. They came over on Saturday just in time to join us on the Cam.

The journey was obviously very tiring. I came into the kitchen?dining room on Sunday afternoon, and found Tuva flat out under the dining table (she will be sixteen next month).

After I gave a series of taps on the table top (of steadily increasing loudness!!!) Tuva emerged, as shown, looking sleepy and puzzled (as in -Where am I?????).

Since then Ruth has been heavily engaged in trying to sort out my blog illustration problems. Which is why I am putting up a series of experimental blog entries. I think we are getting there.


Crowbard said...

Jolly nice of Pooh to drop the MOTH and fly over to sort your 'pooter out! Wish I was half as mobile! I'm sure I could make a much bigger mess of it though.
I do hope the extra memory disc is being useful and behaving itself.

Mike and Ann said...

Ruth (who is sitting next to me) says :- 'The extra memory disc is 'gimungus and magical'. I think this indicates approval.