Monday, 29 July 2013


This year's hanging baskets are beginning to look well on our Guildhall.  Spent today very restfully completing odd jobs in the workshop, doing one job in the forge (case hardening a fire steel), and generally pottering. Friend Martin called in this afternoon with a bottle of our favourite Madeira as an extra 'thank you' for making the silver key for their grand daughter - very thoughtful of them, especially to remember the sort we like so precisely.  Just off now for a quick shower and what's left of an early night - got a fairly busy day planned for tomorrow.      So - Goodnight all.


Pat said...

I'd almost forgotten how pleasant Madeira is.

Crowbard said...

"Have some Madeira m'dear."


stigofthedump said...

Received your voicemail, thank you
We are sitting quayside waiting to board the ferry but as it is 7.15, and you have had a couple of days in London, thought you may not appreciate a phonecall!!!
We will have a super time - we always do- but we are looking forward to seeing you both the weekend after we return.
Much love
The Henshaws

Mike and Ann said...

Hi Sal. Don't know if you will be in a position to read this in furrin parts. I was awake at 7.15, but your Mama was flat out still, so perhaps as well you didn't 'phone, as I don't usually hear the 'phone, and Mummy usually surfaces and rushes to answer it! Have a sooooper time in France with family. Looking forward to seeing you all later in the month.

Much love, the Parents.

Mike and Ann said...

Hi, Crowbard.
"Now, if it were gin you'd be wrong to say yes.
The evil gin does, t'would be hard to assess.
Besides, it's inclined to affect me prowess!
So have some Madeira, m'dear.