Tuesday, 15 October 2019


A couple of years ago this fine medieval building a couple of miles outside Highdale was a derelict tumbledown barn in skeletal condition. It is now (as you can see) a handsome, fully restored, manor house/ farmhouse.  It's had a lot of time and money spent on it to restore it, and must have been   worth every penny of it.


Thank you for the note, Zoe - it will always be good to see both of you.


Carl - would it be possible to see a copy of the the photo you have of  Great Grandpa Horner?

          It's nearly eleven 0'clock pip Emma, so I'm off to bed.

          Goodnight every one.


Crowbard said...

Hi Mike, I can't immediately find a picture of great grandfather Sam Horner b.1858, husband of Martha Grant 1855-1915. But I will search diligently and send a copy when/if I find one.

Crowbard said...

Still searching for Photos of g-g-f Sam and g-f Harry but with diminishing hopes Mike.