Tuesday, 5 February 2019


Yesterday Lizzie drove me over to Kesgrave, where, at Saint Michael's Church, we attended the funeral of an old friend of mine. He and I sang in the same male voice choir for  thirty five years or so. He was a second tenor and I was a second base. We got there with fifteen minutes or so to spare. The Chairman of  the choir very cordially invited me to sing with them once again, but as I felt I didn't really know the piece the choir would be singing I declined;  but when we got to the hymns in the  service I was able to let rip with them.

After the service we met up for refreshments at  the nearby Seckford Hall, where again I was able to renew a good many old aquaintance. Took the above photo outside Seckford Hall. Been there once before (about forty years or so ago). It's a lovely Tudor brick place, and hasn't been altered much inside or out.
As funerals go, it was a very good one; and it's always good to meet old friends.

Must take Ann to lunch at Seckford, soon. She remembers going there in the sixties, but as a hotel, I think it's altered and improved a good deal.


Lori Skoog said...

Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Over 30 years in a choir is very impressive. Gary sang bass for the 7 years we were in a chorus. It must have felt good to join in on the hymns.

Mike said...

Thank you Lori. It's very satisfying singing in a choir, and it was very satisfying picking up the threads at the service, of course.