Wednesday, 14 December 2016


Today we motored up to  Stradbroke in North Suffolk, after doing a minor repair to a rather nice long case clock in Highdale. It was trying to confuse its owner by striking  twelve on the hour,  whatever the hour  happened to be. After fixing the problem (this took about five minutes, during which the  clock owner made  coffee). Imbibed  said coffee, back in the car, and drove up to Stradbroke where a new Antique Centre has recently been opened.  Didn't buy anything, save a light lunch, but  must admit that the  new Antique Centre looked  promising. Must remember to call in again whenever in that area. Drove  home  through Saxstead, where we took the  top photo of a post windmill, just to  prove there's still  a certain amount of light industry in Suffolk.

Middle photo is in Nuttery vale near Hoxne. I think the name is a Suffolk form of Nut Tree Vale, and Saint Edmund's battle against the  Danes is said by the locals to have  taken place in the area on 20th November, 869  A.D.

The third photo is  taken in Eye, and  is  of  Eye Castle.  The castle mound is original and ancient, but the ruins on top of the mound appear to be a nineteenth century folly.   Got  home   just before four. Pleasant day out.


Crowbard said...

I note that all comments prior to MONDAY, 17 OCTOBER 2016 appear to have been deleted.
I assume this is part of the continuing 'Curse of the Computer' which seems to be raging across Suffolk. Would you care to have me invoke higher forces on your behalf ? ~ Or have you just realised how puerile all my comments are and deleted them to save me public embarrassment?

Michael Horner said...

Hi Carl. Got John here beside me as I type. We are both interested to know where you got the 'curse of the computer' details from? John seems to have found a good many of the missing comments, and chivvied them back into their proper places, although why they have wandered seems to remain a mystery. Still, it's a great improvement.

Crowbard said...

It's also a great relief to be unincommunicado again.
The details of 'The Curse of the Computer' (© Crowbard) were obtained by looking at your blog and seeing empty spaces where once my glorious prose (and in one case, rhyme) held sway. Such a sad loss to 'Literachewer'.