Tuesday, 20 December 2016


Photo of a very pretty little thatched pub on  a very small back lane near here.  I'm surprised, given where the pub is (back of beyond) that it gets enough passing traffic to stay in business.  Hope it does, though.  'New' computer is still giving problems. It's latest bright idea is to remove all comments from my blog for the last couple  of months. Don't know  where it's  hidden them, but our friends John and Margaret are coming to lunch today, and as they are both much better at keeping computers in order than I am, I hope they are going to sort out this latest freak.  Actually I think they have just arrived. Can hear Ann greeting someone. More to report later I hope. 


Z said...

Fingers crossed. What a nuisance.

Michael Horner said...

Hello Z. John found some (not all) of the lost comments for me, and we've replaced them. We still don't know why the machine does this sort of thing, though, (naturally has criminal tendencies, I suppose).