Monday, 13 June 2016


Heavy showers turned into torrential rain for a short time this morning, with water flowing down our central garden path.

Rained several times today - heavily.

It stopped by evening, but when I went outside about eight o'clock, it certainly hadn't all drained away.  As a direct result of the weather spent most of today pottering and catching up in the workshop.

Off to bed in a min. Goodnight All.


Z said...

Thank goodness it wasn't as bad as that on Saturday! At least you won't need to water the garden for a week or two.

Mike and Ann said...

Very true, Z. On both counts!

Crowbard said...

It's been pouring with rain for several hours a day over here, Mike, with thunder and lightning and heavy overcast between. We had a couple of hours bright sunshine yesterday though. Judy's gone off to Malta with a friend of her best friend for the week because it is about 40% cheaper each to book one double room than to go alone. The forecast there was sunny and clear for the whole week with temperatures touching the 30s before the weekend.

Pat said...

This seems to be happening all over the country. I hope you dry out quickly.

Mike and Ann said...

Thank you Pat. As Z said (above), at least we haven't had to water for a while.