Monday, 6 June 2016

Monday (2).

 Back with you. Top photo is of Ann in our garden. I think I've mentioned that in a few days time we shall be showing our garden in 'Hidden Gardens of Highdale'. Still got quite a bit to do to the garden but tomorrow our (professional) gardeneress, Tessa, is coming to sort out our box hedge. For pedants, I know it won't be on Derby day, which tradionally is the correct day to trim box, but I'm hoping it will be near enough - needs doing, anyway..

We motored over to Ely this morning to join two of Ann's siblings and partners, for our more or less monthly meeting and natter. Middle brother David has a nasty cold, so couldn't join us -there's a lot of it around.  We met up and lunched at - yes, you've guessed it- our usual, the Fire Engine house.

Almost opposite the Fire Engine House is the above house, which, for a while (in the 1630s)  housed our then tax gatherer, a certain Mr. Oliver Cromwell, who, a few years later topped Charles I (January of 1649, if I remember) then took on an even more important job, i.e. replacing the King (pro tem).

Next to the above ex Cromwell's dwelling, and about two hundred yards from the Cathedral, is the above Saint Mary's Church. You would hardly think two churches were needed in such close proximity, still, I suppose they knew what they were doing..


Having tried to catch up a little on the blog front, I think it's nearly time for bed - so-
                                      Goodnight all.


Crowbard said...

Your Garden is looking very tidy, Mike, I would be very happy to visit it.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Crowbard. Ann found a frog in the herb garden this morning and called me out to be introduced. He was quite small - last years tadpole, I should think. A light olive colour overall. Seemed a very decent, sociable little chap. Nice to think we still have frogs about.

Crowbard said...

We still get the odd frog in a shady corner of the garden, even though we took the pond out before Lottie arrived. All the best with your visitations tomorrow ~ keep the kettle on.