Sunday, 27 March 2016


I think I must start off by saying that last week was a very busy one. Among a good many other things we attended two funerals, and these three photos were taken on our way to the second one (Thursday), which was held at Rumburgh which is in the North of Suffolk, up near Zoe. We stopped off at Bramfield to take photies of the Church, but I'd forgotten that opposite the Church was one of the longest crinkle-crankle walls I know, see photo above. The idea is that a wall built like this is a very strong, stable and long lasting wall!

The Church is quite a small church, and as you can see, thatched, as are a good many churches in North Suffolk. It has a round tower, which is also fairly common in this area, but Bramfield is unique in that the church was built well away from the round tower, as you can see.

This is a photograph of the nave of the Church. It is a quite small church (I think I've already said that), and has a quite superb rood screen, as well as several very interesting monuments, most of which I've photographed and may use en blog sometime.

Stopped off at Halesworth for lunch, then on to find Rumburgh Church, where our old friend Pat's funeral was to take place. She was an 'old' friend in that we've known her for fifty years or so. Even then she was very deaf (a result of childhood illness).  In fact, as she got older, she became profoundly deaf; but she was one of the best lip readers I've ever known. The real problem was that a few years ago she went blind as well. She remained though, and almost unbelievably,   invariably cheerful, pleased to see friends, and great fun. I can't describe her better than in a phrase someone used at the funeral :- "Whatever the weather, when Pat smiled the sun came out".

After tea and buns in the village hall, back in the car and fought our way back through the Saints, I know this area reasonably well, but I can still very easily get lost in the Saints (Zoe, who lives a few miles North, will know what I mean) then to the A143, the A140, and home.

It always seems to be quite a problem when blog keeping to know which bits to put down, and which large tracts to leave out. Still, I've got some lovely photos from last week that I can use up when I'm short of pictures.

Good Night, every one.



Crowbard said...

I look forward to seeing your monumental photographs Mike.

Z said...

The Saints are notorious. The Bermuda Triangle of North Suffolk!