Friday, 25 March 2016


With reference to the previous Blog Entry (mainly about the Fire Engine House Restaurant in Ely) this morning a friend of ours (Phoebe) sent us the above newspaper cutting. It reported that the day before our visit, a car ran into the front of the Fire Engine House, and badly damaged it. Fortunately nobody was hurt, but it's nice to report that last Monday, the day following the road accident, the place was open for trade as usual. No mention was made of the incident the day that we were there, and I like to think that that's the spirit that won the Empire - don't make a fuss about things - just bash on regardless.


Lori Skoog said...

I'm glad you were not there when it happened!!!

Mike and Ann said...

Yes, Lori. That's a good thought. It might have spoiled our meal.

P.s. The real spirit that won the empire was supposed to be 'never knowing when we were beaten'.

Tim Clayton said...

That's amazing I had no idea when we ate there Monday! Tim