Thursday, 2 April 2015


Today we were taken out to lunch by our good friend Sylvia. She took us to her favourite restaurant at Hall Farm, Stratford St. Mary, which started in business a few years ago as a farm shop, but is now best known for the restaurant. We had an excellent lunch, then decided to go for a stroll, and to admire the stock. They seem to specialise in various breeds of sheep ; some of them I think are probably cross breeds (you know what rams are like - a bit sheepish, but effective at their job).

Don't quite know what breed these are, but Mama seems to have got the colours of her offspring a bit wrong.

It was a lovely day, mild, and sunny in patches.

Then - "Oh look" says Ann, pointing across the meadow, down towards the stream at the bottom of it.
"It's a Nessie".
"I've never seen one of those in Suffolk!" says Sylvia.  We agreed. Neither had we.


Crowbard said...

Can't think of any tyre-some jests about Nessie...

What a lovely spring day for you all.

I've never seen a St.Bernard sheep before but it looks as though they are good neighbours; looking after next-door's kids... er... lambs.

Lori Skoog said...

A nice view from the restaurant. Your spring is looking divine!

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Crowbard. Hello Lori. It has been a really lovely spring, and for the last fortnight or so the weather has been much milder. I think April is my favourite month, at least partly because it's followed by late spring and then summer, so that we can now look forward (Deo Volente) to some months of decentish weather.

Nea said...

Could also be the Great Lake Monster on the loose. She hasn't been sighted in these parts recently.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Nea. You haven't been and gone and bought her over (inadvertently) in your luggage at some stage have you? Or perhaps it was us, we tend to have more luggage.