Friday, 24 April 2015


Dear nephew/Godson Edward, the above photo has nothing to do with the 1975 trip to Wales. I  think it was taken at a Christmas get together at Welney House, after we bought it from Pa.

This photo was taken on the front steps of the hotel on the seafront of Criccieth. This group is mainly Horners, but there are a couple of Claytons in the front row - Elizabeth and Rebeccah, and young Sam in the middle (thanks Ruth, well spotted).

The above photo and comment is, I hope, self explanatory. Suggest no one mentions it to Sarah. She will probably  attack instantly!!.

I have before me a piece of slate which we liberated from a slate mine in Blaenau Ffestiniog. The old miner who gave it to me, Hugh Parry Thomas, showed me how to engrave on it with a sharp pointed iron nail, and put his name on it.  The lettering on it now also reads :-

From Norfolk and from Lincolnshire,
O'er mountains and through vales,
thirteen Horners and Claytons came to take a look at Wales.

Unto Blaenau Ffestiniog
they came - this numerous tribe,
and pinched therefrom this slab of slate on which I now inscribe.


One last piece of news before I close - been feeling a bit grotty these last few days, and this morning Ann dragged me off to our doctor. He looks (honestly) like a thoroughly well intentioned gorrilla, and never pulls his punches. He did various tests and listened to my upper insides through his stethoscope, then said  "You've got a thoroughly nasty chest/lung infection". Then put me on a course of antibiotics, so please bear with me if I don't blog much for a while.


paul cully said...

Get well soonest, we need your erudite and thoroughly entertaining postings to get us through our mundane existences. Not you Crowbard, I know that you exist on a higher plane along with your brother. What I wouldn't give to be a f.o.t.w. when you two get together.

Crowbard said...

Deepest sympathies Big-Bruv, I don't intend to go near another quack until I'm good and dead...
Thinking about getting a tatoo just in case....
Something along the lines of "DO NOT RESUSS, you'll only make it worse!"
Maybe I should go to the zoo and consult a Gorilla (being very careful not to insult him instead....)

Crowbard said...

Cheers Paul... I think....
The good thing about existing on a higher plane is that I'm always with my brother and it saves an awful lot of boot-leather, whizzing throughout all the infinities of omniversal-potential instantaneously; the downside is that this makes it hard to maintain a belief in the temporal realities until one of them steps on your toes. (I try to avoid the temporal realities known as elephants....)

Nea said...

Sounds nasty, hope you're better soon.
I remember the last time I was poorly, not a cough tho', and I wasn't alone. It was on that trip to Wales 40 years ago! It was tomato soup, my favorite, for supper, the lady of the inn put down a bowl of it in front of me. I took one look and knew it wasn't going to go down, because I had something coming up. I made it up two flights of stairs to the bathroom, but only just, and then being the trend setter I am, everyone else followed suit throughout the night, the only difference being they had already eaten their supper. Next morning breakfast was cancelled for all of us, instead we got a very small packed lunch, a couple of Jacobs cream crackers each and a thin slice of cheese, but only after we'd climbed up a wet and windy Snowden and sung and lit a candle for Kerry. I think she's owed a cake!
Love to you both

Rog said...

Antique chests need a good rub with polish - hope you get better soon!
I was at my first Youth Hostel in Blaunau Ffffestiniog and was also v Ill from drinking mountain water that some consumptive sheep had peed in. TMI as the young people say

Crowbard said...

Are you sure it wasn't Blaenau Inffestiniog? Never mind Rog, or as les Froggies say, tant pis!

Pat said...

Good you saw the doc and are taking medication. Take it easy and be good:)

Mike and Ann said...

Thank you Pat. YOU know what these Nurses are like - No Choice. Mark you- She's usually right on these matters - it's why I'm still here.
Warm Regards, Mike and Ann.