Friday, 16 January 2015


Hit a snag on the computer yesterday, so was unable to publish blog entry. At just after four o'clock this afternoon 'phoned daughter Ruth in Sweden. A good deal of thought went into the timing - Swedish time is an hour ahead of ours, and as Ruth teaches (and the Swedish school hours too are rather ahead of ours, I think) I got the timing about right, and Ruth was happy to spend an hour on the blower; so that, with the occasional helpful interjection from her husband, the three of us were able  improve matters on the blogger a good deal - many thanks to both of them.


I bought the above amarylis in Highdale sometime last November.  Most weeks I manage to find flowers for Ann, but last November  decent flowers seemed in short supply here, so in the end I found a shop (the Co-op I think) selling amarylis bulbs, which looked healthy, so I bought her some potential flowers, which are now, as you can see, just beginning to reach their potential.

I am really just waffling now to see if the computer (when I press the 'publish button') has now fully resumed its duties........... here goes!


Crowbard said...

That's a lovely lace doiley, Mike. (Doiley was a 17th-century London draper, who made popular "a woolen stuff, 'at once cheap and genteel', introduced for summer wear in the latter part of the C.17th." At the time, the word was used as an adjective, as in "doily stuffs" or "doily suit." Later, usage shifted to refer to a small ornamental napkin (known as a doily-napkin) used at dessert in conjunction with the finger-bowl.
The Ladies (God bless 'em) do seem to appreciate a regular supply of botanicals Mike, and occasionally acknowledge the blokes who are wise enough to supply 'em. Sound practice Bruv, good exercise too, poppin' out for floral tributes to the beloved.

Rog said...

I think, like your good self, it's only just starting to reach its full potential.
By the way, we've booked a small mini-break in long Melf to coincide with the next antique fair so don't be surprised to bump into an extra antique next time.

Mike and Ann said...

Thank you Crowbard.

Mike and Ann said...

Thank you Rog. Look forward to seeing you both on the first Wednesday in February. I seem to remember that you found a few pieces the last time you visited?

Maggie said...

I do so enjoy watching an Amaryllis grow, so rewarding.
By the way Mike, did you get my email before Christmas with regard to cousin Babs?

Love to you both x

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Maggie. We got your email re Cousin Babs. We also got a letter from Christine to tell us that her mother had died some weeks before, and that the funeral had taken place the previous week. I was sorry that we'd missed the funeral. I'd like to have attended it - we were great friends when we younger.