Saturday, 29 June 2013


Been a lovely day out today. We motored up Suffolk and just over the border into Norfolk, where the fine old building shown above, is located. It is, of course, the Zeddary, and is inhabited by our host, Russell (the Sage), and hostess Zoe. We had gone to celebrate the third annual East Anglian Blogmeet. And great fun it was, too!

I'm afraid this photo is a little fuzzy (it was taken after lunch- which was, as usual, superb) and shows our hostess pouring coffee.

This one was kindly taken by Rog, and shows his wife (Mrs Rine), meself, Ann, and Madeleine.

I'm afraid the photo above appears, at best, to show a certain amount of horseplay taking place, and at worst, looks as if a young victim is being prepared for sacrifice.

But NO! At one bound the intended young victim leaps upon a motor cycle, and is born off upon the pillion of the gallant Sir Bruin/Galahad.
Actually, I'm afraid I've allowed my imagination full rein to run riot in the last two photos. As we left a few minutes after Sir Bruin's valiant steed roared away over the horizon, we don't know if he, our hostess (who was the young lady riding pillion in the above photie), or the steed, returned safely. But I'm sure that one of the three will let us know by comment.
 Thanks again Z. and the Sage - it was a lovely day.

Warm regards, Ann and Mike.


Liz said...

You got better bike photos than I did! Z was returned safely from what was actually rather a short ride.

It was a lovely afternoon, wasn't it? She's a marvel, that Z.

Please tell Ann that her summer pudding was divine.

Sir Bruin said...

Rest assured Mike, no motorcycles were harmed during the proceedings. On a related subject, I heard a tale that you used to ride a scooter. Can this be true? Or is it just a wicked rumour?

Mike and Ann said...

Thank you Liz. Glad to hear they all got back.

The answers to your next two paragraphs are Yes and Yes (in that order).
Message passed on re summer pudding (to which I quite agree) and Ann says thank you.
Breakfast soon ?

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Sir B. Don't know how these shameful secrets get about after so many years. But yes, honesty compels me to admit that (circa circa 1960 - 1962) I rode a Lambretta scooter about the show. And, if I'm honest, thoroughly enjoyed it. Fair weather machines, though!

Rog said...

All I can say is this

Crowbard said...

Hi Mike,
does XNG305 ring a bell? I am not ashamed to admit to being the subsequent owner of your Lambretta LD 125cc Dream-Machine cum Buzz-Box.

I must pass on the v-words which appear to be a vile calumny against our writing appreciatively of our scooter.
- penSnot hiss -

I fear I must take 'Pootatu to task over such ripe vocabulary!

Rog said...

In a further development, I've actually been able to use the amazing power of the internet to find a very early pic of Mike in his devil-may-care two wheeler days!

Yes! It's here!

Mike and Ann said...

Do you know Rog, I have ALWAYS wanted to ride one of those.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Crowbard. Of course I remember that index number. I had totally forgotten that you took over the Lambretta. That must have been in late 1962/early 1963, or would you have been old enough to legally ride a motor scooter then? Must have been about then, as Ann and I bought our first car (a 1948 Morris minor) quite early in 1963.

Did you know that Rog was a mod at much the same time and rode a Vespa? I think he has (very wisely) decided not to include those facts in his official autobiography; although he has included the episode where he intrepidly rode a bicycle right across the country from East to West along Hadrian's Wall. I wish I had challenged him to a race riding the gentleman's ordinary that he illustrated in his last comment.

Liz said...

Nice photo Rog, although I do think Mike has more impressive whiskers. And I love that song! I had it on vinyl at one time and it may still be in my loft. Z was definitely born to be wild.

We will definitely do breakfast again soon Mike, possibly towards the end of July.

Mike and Ann said...

Thank you Liz. You are a woman of taste. One has only to look at young Steve to realise that. We look forrard to brekkie, but do remind us a bit nearer the time.

Indigo Roth said...

Hi Mike! Indigo here; we met very briefly at this lovely gathering! I'm sorry I didn't have more time to chat; my hastily-juggled responsibilities for the day demanded my return. I'll see you next time, Sir! Indigo

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Indigo; yes, I too am sorry we didn't have more time for a chat. That lovely day was, I'm afraid, all too short. Still, as you say, this time next year perhaps,

Warm Regards, Mike.

mig bardsley said...

It was lovely to see you and Anne again Mike.
(And I had no trouble imagining you on a Lambretta - splendid machines)

Mike and Ann said...

Thank you Mig. It was good to see you again, and grand to meet Barney. I think Zoe has set up quite an institution there - an annual Blogmeet.

Sir Bruin said...

Mig - I'm not convinced that you should use the words, "Lambretta" and "splendid" in the same sentence. However, I should maybe keep my insane prejudice towards hair driers, sorry, scooters to my self.