Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Wednesday. (2)

Of the two photos,the above one one shows Ann's middle brother, David, and his wife, Jo. Jo had rather a nasty fall a fortnight ago, which has left her with a 'lovely black eye' (the right one) and I have, I think, very cleverly posed her to hide her right eye. They motoredover yesterday, and spent the day with us. The first photograph shows our youngest daughter, Lizzie, Lizzie's youngest daughter Beth, and Ann. Lizzie and Beth came to us this morning, arriving nicely in time for breakfast. We all four motored over to Clacton to investigate a shopping trolley that Ann had seen advertised; examined, approved, and purchased one, then had lunch,at a very pleasant sea-front hotel, then motored home (in our car, but with Lizzie driving). Granddaughter Beth has been instructing me in the use of the computer; or, more exactly, how to insert photographs in blog entries. You'd think I'd know how by now, but I make the most of any assistance offered. I'm lost in admiration for Beth's computer skills; and she's very admiring about my spelling skills! Goodnight All.


Crowbard said...

I've always admired your smelling skills too, Mike. You've always been a most fragrant gentleman.

Mike said...

Oh, thank you, Crowbard.

Crowbard said...

Hi Dave, long time no see! Big Hugs to y'all. PS. When are you going to stop pushing Jo over, you know it's bad for her eyesight.