Thursday, 22 February 2018

The above photograph is of senior daughter Sarah and her  husband Mikey. It was taken during the weekend of 19/21 January, which they spent with us. It was taken in my  cellar. My 'library' consists of two parts -  the  passageway  at the top of the cellar steps (which contains books for reading), and the 'office' part of  my  cellar - which contains my 'reference library' - books on  clocks, guns, weaponry and early metal-ware. I would be lost without  it. Grand daughter Lucy and I are in the  reference part of  the library now, writing (and correcting) a blog entry, as you can see. We are being summoned upstairs for lunch by Ann. Will  complete this later.
 It is now 'later'  so will publish :-


Z said...

Hope you're keeping warm and dry, Mike. Love to you and Ann xx

Mike said...

Hello Z. Good to hear from you. I'm afraid I'm beginning to think there are good reasons for our not being able to get to the blog meet this year. The loss will be entirely ours. My regards to your good bloke.
Very warm regards, Mike and Ann.