Thursday, 3 August 2017

This  picture (if we  can publish it) is probably irrelevant.
No I  was wrong. It is relevant. It is a mystery  object, and  I f you  look really closely at the photo you should   be able to work out the purpose of the item, it's  exact size and the year it was made.


Crowbard said...

I knew there was something I'd missed, It is of course a half-gill or an eighth of a pint. Weeble, weeble.... it's quite pleasant becoming a dotty old codger, I surprise myself for all the wrong reasons but it does wake me up a bit when I notice.

Crowbard said...

I suppose I should also say of the portcullis proof mark (which when crowned has come to be accepted during the twentieth century as the emblem of both Houses of Parliament) that apart from customs and excise its most frequent appearance was upon the brass 12 sided 3d coins known as thrup'ny-bits. As with many aspects of parliamentary life, its status has arisen through custom and usage rather than as a result of any conscious decision.